Cranial Sacral

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Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive technique that allows for the therapist to access very subtle restrictions in the deep nervous system. Cranial Sacral Therapy assesses the flow of fluid from the cranium (head) to the sacrum (tailbone area).

Treatment involves addressing any dysfunction in the movement of fluid throughout the nervous system that may be causing physical pain or dysfunction in any part of the body.

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Both Jules and Phil specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Somato Emotional Release (S.E.R)

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Somato Emotional Release or S.E.R consists of the liberation of stored emotions from the body. As living human beings we experience emotions on a daily basis, some deemed bigger or more important than others to our conscious awareness. Similarly, the body also responds to our emotional states in it’s own way regardless of how we think we should feel regarding that situation/emotion. It is now known that each and every cell in our body has memory capacity and therefore the ability to retain emotions. Over time, patterns of reaction emotionally in our physical body may start to cause other parts of our body to physically compensate or try to re-establish balance. This is very similar to the body’s physical response post trauma, but without being able to consciously remember what might have been the initial cause.

In treatment the body is given permission to reveal any emotional barrier that might be restricting you; always noting that the body only reveals what it is ready to, and only when it knows it is safe to do so. There is no concern of whether you were ready or left vulnerable, your body never does anything to put your physical, emotional or spiritual being at risk.

Both Jules and Phil are experienced therapists with SER and are competent to assist the body during these releases as well as knowing when to refer out to qualified professionals when necessary.


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This is a cotton-based tape with medical grade adhesive. It has no latex and can be left on for 3-5 days. It is water resistant and moves with your body. This elastic quality has the ability to affect the skin, circulatory/lymphatic systems, connective tissue, muscles and joints just by stretching the tape.

Kinesio Tape is excellent for reducing pain by alleviating pressure on the pain receptors. Other applications include reduction in swelling by increasing fluid movement, retraining muscle groups and manipulation of connective tissue. Postural taping is an extremely effective tool in the struggle against gravity, like sitting at the computer.

Kinesio Tape essentially gives you the ability to retrain your nervous system while doing your daily activities, sports or work with more awareness.

Kinesiotaping is a treatment therapy that Phil Gorman offers.

Posture Therapy

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Posture in easy terms can be understood as the position in which you hold your body when standing, sitting, lying or moving in your environment. Posture Therapy looks at the whole you by investigating your bodies structure, function and neurology. Based on this information, Phil can design you a multisensory program that will help you upgrade your Postural strength and endurance. 

Matrix Energetics

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Imagine your body is a gentle wave in the ocean...... Now imagine that wave collapses into a vibrant world of water slides and penguins on inner tubes! Matrix Energetics is a therapeutic modality in which the therapist blends quantum physics principles with imagination potential.

On the basis that most of us mainly utilize our logical brain in our daily lives, we only allow for a limited amount of thoughts and realities to exist. Matrix Energetics incorporates the infinite potential realities that exist in regions of our brain responsible for abstract thought, imagination and creativity. By accessing this potential within the body we are able to change our physical, emotional, energetic being to a different state of existence, possibly one that doesn’t suffer from cancer or a sore back. For more information visit

Both Jules and Phil incorporate Matrix Energetics when required.

Visceral Manipulation

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As we all learned from a young age, our body is dependant on our skeleton for structural stability. What you may not have learned is the importance of our organs in this system, not only for their function, but also for the impact they can have on that skeletal structure.

Each visceral body aka “organ” has it's own unique range of motion available to it within it's specific body compartment. All organs have either tight or loose attachments to the skeleton. These maintain their positioning while also allowing for a specific movement. These connections from organ to skeleton make it possible for us to bend, stretch and perform all the activities we need to throughout our lives.

Following a trauma (physical or emotional) if the affected organ feels threatened/assaulted it can cause a chain reaction of tension throughout the body that is often unexplainable by modern Western Medicine. Our viscera is soft tissue and therefore insults to that tissue or tension within it cannot be found using modern diagnostic tests.

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle hands-on therapy that allows the organs to realize their lack of movement and potential range of motion. Releasing patterns of dis-ease and trauma at the visceral level can greatly impact overall nervous system functioning and mobility.

Both Jules and Phil incorporate Visceral Manipulation into their treatments as necessary.


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Kids need treatment too. Just think, we were all kids, had injuries and our bodies often still remember the trauma of those injuries. From newborn babies that have trouble with sucking and latching, to falling out of a tree and breaking a collarbone. Kids are wonderful, fast healers, but bodies still need a framework for healing properly, especially while still in the midst of growing.

Some children have physical restrictions, and some emotional or energetic restrictions, it all depends on the child and what is most important for the body at the time of treatment. We believe that children are very wise and instinctive as to what they need, so using imagination and explanation of the body we educate and treat the body and mind together.

Both Jules and Phil treat kids of all ages.

Myofascial Release

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Myofascial Release is a gentle, safe and effective approach to stretching the connective tissue of our body. This tissue is the fabric that holds the body together, and allows for communication between cells.

Myofascial Release is a therapy that Phil is qualified in and he incorporates when necessary.

Low Level Laser Therapy

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Phil owns and operates a low level therapeutic laser utilizing scalar waves. Phil incorporates laser into his treatments whenever it's most beneficial.

A Scalar Wave is a non-linear, non-Hertzian, standing wave capable of supporting significant effects including carrying information and inducing higher levels of cellular energy, which greatly enhances the performance and effectiveness of the body and immune system. Additionally it helps to clear negative cellular memory by shifting polarity, similar to erasing the memory of a cassette tape with a magnet. Scalar Waves travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is the practice of channeling universal energy to bring healing to the body, mind, energetic system, and spirit. It’s a simple method of light touch that is based on the concept of Ki or life energy. A session feels like a glowing radiance that flows through and around you, easing you into a wonderful state of relaxation. This treatment gently removes stagnation or blockages, replenishes you and balances the flow and distribution of your energy, leaving you feeling relaxed and clear.  Originating in Japan, Reiki has become a well-known healing treatment that may be applied for any type of illness, pain, or suffering. 

In a session the client lies fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner gently places their hands in positions around the head, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and feet. The hands can also be positioned an inch or so away from the body. 

Clients often experience things like:

• Greater sense of holistic wellness

• Reduction of stress and pain

• Increase in feelings of calm and peace

• Renewed clarity and sense of self


The concept of Ki or life energy has been recognized around the world since ancient times and goes by many names: in China it’s called Chi, in Japan - Ki, in India - Prana, and science calls it biofield energy. This unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of health and one’s sense of well-being. When our life energy is low, we feel weak and are more susceptible to stress and illness, we tend to lack confidence and not think as clearly as usual. When our life energy is strong, we feel strong. We’re sure of ourselves, we are more creative and resourceful, have clarity of purpose, and generally feel good about ourselves and about life.

Life energy is reduced by stress, and yet our lives often include stressful experiences. There might be stress at work or at home, stress about money or illness.  Unexpected events as well as eagerly anticipated life-changes often cause us to experience feelings of stress. It is a normal part of life.  People who live happy, healthy and abundant lives aren’t people who don’t have stress in their lives, they are people who have learned to deal with stress in a healthy way. Reiki is a method of dealing effectively with stress and its regular use can lead to living a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

Reiki can improve your health by reducing stress and strengthening your immune system. It promotes the healing process and works well for simple things like headaches, tension, digestive upset, and minor aches and pains.  Reiki also works very well alongside regular medical care for more serious illnesses, conditions, and injuries. It is a safe and effective part of any healing process.