You will be lucky to work with someone as skilled and compassionate as Phil. A rare find indeed!

Dr. Michael A. Cohen B.Sc.D.Ac. D.C.

Acuball Developer

I have known Phil for 2 years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with him. It went from training in Wing Chun together to getting work done from Phil in his healing practice.

Phil is a person I trust and he has yet to let me down. Phil is intelligent, good hearted, calm and a hard worker. I highly recommend Phil in anything he does.

Joe Landry

Professional Self Defense Instructor, Level 1 Wing Chun Instructor.

Phil is AMAZING at what he does and very knowledgeable, he has helped me with my knee injury and his treatment is VERY effective, no matter the issue, I have been to Phil for a whole host of reasons and I always know that Phil will be a major part of my health plan

Melissa Baer

The Farmers Daughter - Educator, Consultant, Marketer, Writer

Phil is one of the most insightful and effective healers I have ever met. His wide-ranging expertise in multiple physical and energetic healing areas combined with superb anatomical knowledge and incisive intuition render his work the perfect solution for anyone hoping to feel better physically or mentally. I simply cannot overstate the breadth of his talent, his personal integrity and his kindness. Phil is everything a healer should be.

Leo Mowry

Owner, Village Yoga / TV Host / Author / Recording Artist

Phil is an exceptional RMT. He incorporates a variety of techniques in his treatments and each session is uniquely tailored to his client. Phil has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share what is pertinent to facilitating the best outcomes in treatment. I have had amazing results with Phil - and recommend his services frequently.

Lisa D. Theodore, D.TCM, Min.

Owner, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Integrative Health Care Professional at Traditions of Healing

Phil helped me get up and going after I injured my back. He provided great advice, simple exercises to overcome pain during the recovery process.

Jim Karsten

Programmer Analyst at porchlight.ca

I first went to Phil for a knee injury that had plagued me for about 2 years. Every few months my knee would just give out on me and then I would be in pain for a few days and very restricted in what activity I could do. I went to doctors, osteopaths and even physio and saw only temporary improvement. My first session with Phil eliminated the pain after my latest collapse and within a couple of months I found that my knee stopped giving out. That was 5 years ago and my knee hasnʼt given out since. I was so impressed Iʼve also been to him for back pain and an arm injury and in most cases have resolved the issue in one visit.

I donʼt know what he does, but it works really well.

Other than really knowing his stuff and working magic on my body. Philʼs also got a refreshing perspective on life that;s fun, freeing and just great to be around.

Grant Rawcliffe

Teacher of the 3rd Conversation

Love the concept and truly believe that cranial sacral therapy works wonders.

Tamira Westwood

Trust Officer with TD Wealth Private Client Group

Phil is an exceptional massage therapist. He helped me through a painful time, both physically and emotionally. As a result of his treatment, I have continued on the road to a positive, healthy life-style. I will be forever grateful for his care, knowledge and expertise.

Neila Macdonald

Phil is truly gifted as a Therapist. He has helped me with both acute injuries and chronic ones. If you want someone who loves his work and helping others heal, Phil is the one you need.

Chuck O'Neill, PTS

Owner, Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu

Phil has a very warm and caring personality which instantly creates a healing environment in which to improve physical and spiritual health. His aura of positive energy immediately fills you with a sensation of peace even before the treatment begins. I am regularly inspired by his insight into how we perceive ourselves and others. I highly recommend Phil.

Phil Bridges

General contracting/renovations at Freelance


Just over five years ago I was so fortunate to be introduced to Julie. And while I admit I was skeptical at first, that changed within minutes of our first session. From our very first meeting I was able to feel the tension I'd carried with me for years go away. And now for five years I have been migraine free! Meeting Julie felt like a miracle. And since that point Julie has helped me through two pregnancies, worked on both of my children and my husband. Julie is a trusted part of our family and she always brightens up my day.

Stef M.

I cannot say enough good stuff about Jules and her work! I came to her seeking help with healing my body after a number of life challenges continued to keep me stuck - despite doing everything I knew how to heal. Emotional wounds found themselves making a home in my body, despite the opposite intentions of my mind and heart. Jules helped me to get unstuck, to listen to my body, and reconnect my mind, body and spirit in a way where they can work together. I have found that my health is better, my mood is lighter and my faith is stronger. I have recommended Jules and Sacral Cranial energy work to so many people in my personal and professional life. She is warm, professional, funny and so very intuitive!


With her lifelong study and practice of physical and energetic healing modalities, Jules’ breadth of knowledge and intuitive skills are literally astounding. To encounter a healer and teacher of this rare calibre is quite simply, a gift.

Leo Mowry

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & Author Reiki Master, Taoist Scholar T.V. Host

I just wanted to say I feel so blessed to have you in my life!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing your gift with myself and others. I really cannot imagine where I would be right now, had I not met you :)


I have known Jules and Phil for over a decade and can say without a doubt that they are exceptional healers. Some of the best I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I don't say this lightly - I have experienced many healers around the world and these two are right up there with the VERY best. They display a rare combination of technical skill, in-depth knowledge, professionalism and an all encompassing drive to raise the well-being of their patients through education & experience.

They are indeed a rarity and a true gift to anyone fortunate enough to work with them.

Dr. Michael A. Cohen B.Sc.D.Ac. D.C.

Acuball Developer