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Have you ever looked at an old family picture and thought, "Wow, do I always hold my head that way” or, “Are my shoulders always forward like that?” Do you notice that the way you stand can make you look younger/older, thin or like you’ve gained 10 lbs? Is it natural that older folks have a hunchback posture? The truth is that this is only a natural process if you allowed it to be that way. Science has now proven that there is a correlation between posture and quality and quantity of life.

SO, the million dollar question is,"How can I achieve my full postural potential?” I believe the changes need to happen on multiple levels and from a holistic perspective.

My clients are always asking me, “Phil, How did I get this way?” They often report not having sustained an injury and most have trouble making the connection between there chronically stressful lives and their posture. I explain that the posture we subconsciously adopt to match certain moods is temporary, but in some cases it persists if the emotional state is habitual. There can also be a multitude of old compensation patterns or structural challenges due to your individual health history. We can get stuck in poor posture patterns for a number of reasons:

  • Stress!!!
  • Chronic fatigue, grief, sadness, depression
  • Chronic pain, ignoring pain
  • Repetitive strain
  • Compensation patterns
  • Physical/Emotional Trauma

"It is evident in my daily therapy practice that we currently have an epidemic of people sitting with poor posture."

It’s affecting their mood, energy, creativity and overall quality of life. I’ve always been passionate about posture, so I’ve unleashed my genius and invented a solution based on my 18 years of experience in the field of awareness, consciousness training, healing and personal transformation. These postural challenges are not going away by themselves.

We need to increase our awareness and make better, more conscious choices. Now for the most important part... Repeat!!! Changing your subconscious mind involves taking important things and turning them into HABIT. Change the behaviour, Change the outcome.

I have created the Quantum Posture Method; a fun, safe and incredibly effective method to generate top quality posture. Posture is not a thing, but an” attitude of being”. Just like your body is not an object, but and unraveling of consciousness. I truly believe we must engage all of our senses to achieve real lasting change at the cellular level.

The foundation of this method is in the creation of images to help direct energy and return flow to stuck parts of your body. Imagery is well known for stirring awareness and guiding energy. Watch the energy of your body harmonize and flow when you combine the imagery with the power of your conscious choice and REPEAT!!! They say,” A picture is worth a thousand words.” Then, I say “What’s a movie worth? It’s fun watching your reality change before your eyes!

The physical component of this method draws upon my years of experience as an anatomy instructor, rehabilitation specialist and my own personal journey in Martial Arts, Qigong, Meditation and Yoga.

The result of this Quantum Posture Method is a deep cleansing of the immune system which restores homeostatic balance to the body.
SO, if you’re serious about taking your postural awareness to the next level, the Quantum Posture Method is for you! Cranialwaves.com is now offering a:

  • 6 week Quantum Posture Series
  • Personal and Individualized Postural Evaluation and Treatment
  • Workplace/Conference Quantum Posture Presentations
  • YouTube Video Series
  • Soon to come...Quantum Posture DVD!

Here’s to getting taller, stronger and being more vibrant!

Love and Light,

Phil Gorman, B.A.,RMT
Creator of the Quantum Posture Method


Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your quantum posture course. You are definitely very gifted in this area. I wish I could say that it was easy but that was not the case. I learned so much. I had no idea that my posture was so bad. I am very thankful for the knowledge to change and turn around my posture. To age well includes having good posture...So here's to having the knowledge and the awareness to change and age well.

Bonnie M

What is Posture?


Posture is the Original Workout! It is a mental and physical awareness exercise done in the moment. Putting Posture on your mental dashboard will change your life and that of your children.