Julie Hare, RMT


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You could say from a young age I was “hooked”. Never having been restricted by my imagination or a reality that had limitations, I let my natural instincts guide me to take cranial sacral courses at at young age. I eventually went on to become a Registered Massage Therapist, specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Pediatrics.

Every day is new and exciting and every client is different, for me each day at work is an exciting journey and learning experience in a job I truly love.

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1 ½ hour Treatment


1 hour Treatment


½ hour Treatment


½ hour Pediatric

$50 (kids under 2 yrs)

Monday's 8:45-2:15
Tuesday's 12:45-5:45
Wednesday's 8:45-12:30
Thursday's 1-6
Friday's 8:45-2:15
The First Time

Every treatment is unique and different. That said, for those of you that like to know what a treatment consists of, here it is: I will go over your health history and discuss in detail anything that is necessary to gain understanding before the treatment. Clients are dressed comfortably with your clothes on, usually lying on your back (but that can be changed for comfort if necessary).

I usually start by pulling on both of your legs at the same time, then individually to assess for subtle or dramatic restrictions from your feet to your head. Based on this assessment, I am directed by your body, based on its priority sequence as to what needs attention first. I always ask that you to let me know if anything “comes up” regarding a sensation or feeling, thought pattern or memory. They are often very relevant to the area of the body or restriction being addressed, never discount the potential of your "imagination". From that point I trust myself and you in connection together to utilize whatever tools are most efficient to access your particular experience.

Your body talks. We listen. Anything can change.