Cancellation Policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please notify us by phone in advance of any conflicts regarding making it to an appointment. The more notice the better for there are also people waiting on cancellation lists for appointments. We realize that sometimes this is hard with childcare, illnesses, and accidents, we are understanding but also need to be fair to everyone, so each case will be treated accordingly.


Injuries and trauma happen, we’ve all been there before. If you are in desperate need of an appointment and there are none currently available, or not soon enough, there is a cancellation list to put your name on. In this case if someone cancels, and there is an appropriate amount of notice then you will be called. Please notify either of us if you’re interested in being on this list at any time.

Will my therapies be covered under benefits?

We are both Registered Massage Therapists and therefore if you have RMT benefits we are covered. That being said everyone’s coverage is different regarding amounts of money or percentage limitations, some plans require a referral from a doctor for Massage Therapy. In my experience this is very easily done, but can require some advance notice obviously, so check with your policy if you’re not sure.

How do you bill me?

You pay us directly and then send in the receipt to your insurance company, they will then send your money to you.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We accept cash, cheques, and e-mail money transfers directly after the treatment.